Wednesday, September 21, 2011

DFA LaBORatory final designs and 3D Still Life final.

Intense junior year blah blah. its all going well and im learning all kinds of crap.
The still life was produced in 3 weeks, limits were 7k tris, 4 x 2k texure maps. This was supposed to be a project to "geek" out on textures, and shaders and all that great stuff. im pretty happy with how mine turned out. Click it for Full res.
<3 G

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Modular Building Kit! and some extra stuff.

Here is the deliverable i had to turn in for the 10 day modular building kit project. I chose to make a modular brewery, (re usability right ? hah!) It turned out alright, im pretty happy with what i got compared that we got such a short time to make everything.! has some texture scaling issues and some other shader issues but nothing too grand!


and for you polygon nazis out there, i know the count is high, i did not spend time on baking and we got a 20 k limit that i used as much as i wanted! <3

Video fly through, not the best but serves its purpose