Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Project dump

3d and dfa projects are finally done, so realistic environment is finished. and a style guide for fantastic.
so here is the dump

I took care of the facade, it came out alright few things that need fixing but all in all in came together
hero asset

Contact sheets.

This is a styleguide for next environment we are going to work on which will be fantastic environment

the process the painting went through.
final production painting. not completely finished but i serves itch purpose. we are doing handpainted textures etc. so the Decrepit mushroom forest should be fun i will be taking care of the heart of the forest so i can make that work thing which should be awsome! 



Sunday, October 16, 2011

Eagle Sculpt!

Currently working on the hero asset for my realistic environment. It is going to be a eagle sculpture standing on top of the frieze of the facade im making, more of that building later, here are some wips of the eagle. At the moment im adding feathers to the head and then later the body and wings.
The last one is a small column sculpt that is a part of my facade. <3


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

DFA LaBORatory final designs and 3D Still Life final.

Intense junior year blah blah. its all going well and im learning all kinds of crap.
The still life was produced in 3 weeks, limits were 7k tris, 4 x 2k texure maps. This was supposed to be a project to "geek" out on textures, and shaders and all that great stuff. im pretty happy with how mine turned out. Click it for Full res.
<3 G

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Modular Building Kit! and some extra stuff.

Here is the deliverable i had to turn in for the 10 day modular building kit project. I chose to make a modular brewery, (re usability right ? hah!) It turned out alright, im pretty happy with what i got compared that we got such a short time to make everything.! has some texture scaling issues and some other shader issues but nothing too grand!


and for you polygon nazis out there, i know the count is high, i did not spend time on baking and we got a 20 k limit that i used as much as i wanted! <3

Video fly through, not the best but serves its purpose

Sunday, April 3, 2011

First character ever made, Low Res Final

This is the low Res version of my character. Meaning it is a model that can be used in Game
It took about 3 weeks to rebuild and retexture all of this but im pretty happy how it came out. Lot of texture changes and some changes to the model too.
Ill make a better background later when i have time.. but now Game Design Cranking Time !

- G

Monday, February 28, 2011

Final high Res Renders From zbrush

These are my almost final renders from zbrush. im probably going to do another render of the gear with more lights but this is what i am going to turn in tomorrow

                                                      Full Gear
Anatomy sculpt
(i did not work that much on the hair because hair is annoying and you cant really see it because of the helmet :))